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The Link rule is simple; the more quality backlinks you have you rank higher in search results. This is why so many SEO experts are always thinking about a link building strategy that will not only follow search engine guidelines but also get higher rankings.

When you think about it, it's not that complicated. The more links pointing to your site means more people are sharing about you because of your expertise.

These people use anchor texts that point to your site. It is an achievement if people do this because links are not easy to get.

Unless of course if you pay for links, which is not recommended if you want to get higher rankings on search results.

The number of your links is one way Google can determine how valuable your site is to others. The hard fact is, even if you have a ton of high-quality content but no one links to you, search engines won't see that your site has value.

This is because search engines are not human, they run based on programs and software. They are blind to other aspects of your site as they can only see through links as a basis of value.

Google has been strict over the years, and black hat link building tactics are now being penalized. Unlike before when the quantity of links mattered, now only quality is used as a ranking signal.

Here are strategies that you can use which have been proven effective.

Broken Link Building

Many of you may notice that the internet is filled with broken links. Most often, these non-functioning links are found on valuable pages.

Broken Link building has been a popular tactic which is based on the idea that you can help webmasters fix their broken links by providing a better alternative for them to link to.

The steps you need to do are:
  1. Research the internet for broken links and look for good targets.
  2. Create your killer content as an alternative in exchange for the link.
  3. Start reaching out to webmasters.
We take a look at an example. You are an owner of a drug testing company, and you want to build links to your scientific resource pages. A large drug company has an older page on drug testing resources, but you notice that many of the links are broken. You reach out to the webmaster and inform them of the broken links and offer your newer and updated resource as an alternative. After reviewing your proposed content, the drug firm agrees and links to your drug testing resource page.

This tactic can be done over and over as you actively look for good sites to link to that has broken links. There are times you can use existing content as a resource or create new content that will replace the one that has a broken link.

Link Reclamation

This is quite different from broken link building than some may think. In link reclamation, you fix or "reclaim" links that were once pointed to your site.

e Some links may point to pages on your site that no longer exist. Use a tool like Open Site Explorer to find these types of links. Do a "top pages" search and sort for 404s. You have a choice of either fixing these links on your end or ask the webmaster to change the link.

It is typical for other sites mentioning about your article and not linking to it as a resource. You can email the author and secure a link. There are tools like Google Alerts, Mention and Fresh Web Explorer that are good at finding sites that mention you that are good enough to secure a link.

The same goes for sites that post your images without attribution. Instead of going through the tedious process of filing for copyright or DMCA takedown notice, you can ask for a link instead.

Tools like TinEye and Google Image Search can help you find sites that publish your images that don't mention you as their resource.

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